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June 25, 2013
Danville PD recognizes officers, citizens and media for traffic safety enforcement and promotional efforts

On Wednesday June 19, 2013, the Danville Police Department held its Annual Traffic Safety Awards Ceremony. A total of 11 officers, 3 citizens, and 3 media outlets were recognized for their efforts in promoting traffic safety during 2012.  Additionally 1 citizen was recognized for the proper use of both seat belts and airbags during a traffic crash, the use of which most likely reduced more serious injury or even death.

Danville Police Chief Philip Broadfoot said efforts to increase traffic patrols have led to decreased car accidents and increased arrests that have helped lower the city’s violent crime rate.

"Ten years ago," Broadfoot said," officers responded to 2,271 crashes in Danville. In 2012, that number had dropped by more than half, to 1,088. That’s significant, and it comes back to the efforts of these officers.”

Broadfoot pointed to a nine-month period in 2012 during which the community police unit issued 1,393 tickets that led to more charges, including issuing 45 domestic assault warrants, 390 drug charges, 76 DUI charges, issuing 25 warrants for other agencies, four robbery arrests, 37 weapons charges, six burglary arrests, 28 assault and battery arrests, 220 alcohol violations and 581 other criminal offenses.

“It’s not all just about traffic enforcement,” Broadfoot said.

Officer Recognition

Officers were recognized for their efforts in the Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge-emphasized categories of Speed Enforcement, Occupant Protection Enforcement (Seat Belt and Child Safety Seat Enforcement), and DUI Enforcement. The "Top Producers" for each quarter and each category were selected for recognition and were presented with a letter of recognition by Danville Police Chief Philip Broadfoot. A copy of the letter will also be entered in to each officer’s personnel file.

First Quarter 2012 Top Producers (l. to r.):
DUI – Cpl. R. B. McCormick
Seat Belts –
Officer J.B. Godfrey
Speed & Child Seats – Officer D.C. Lancaster

Second Quarter 2012 Top Producers (l. to r.):
Child Seats & DUI – Officer M.J. Phillips
Speed – Cpl. V. M. Jennings
DUI – Officer E.G. Wilson & Officer D.C. Lancaster
Seat Belts – Officer B.H. Sossoman, Jr.
(not pictured)

Third Quarter 2012 Top Producers (l. to r.):
Seat Belts –
Officer J.B. Godfrey
Speed – Officer A.D. Harn
Child Seats & DUI – Officer D.C. Lancaster

Fourth Quarter 2012 Top Producers (l. to r.):
DUI – Officer D.C. Lancaster & Officer J.L. West
Seat Belts – Officer D.L. Touchstone
Child Seats – Officer J.A. Pulley
Speed – Officer D.C. Ferguson
(not pictured)

Overall Top Producers for 2012 for All Three Categories (OP, Speed & DUI):
DUI, Speed & Child Safety Seats – Officer D.C. Lancaster
Seat Belts –
Officer J.B. Godfrey

Media Recognition

The media outlets and their respective representatives were each recognized for their efforts to promote traffic safety education by providing countless airtime for Public Safety Announcements made by on-air talent as well as recording time for self- initiated PSA’s.

The media outlets recognized were as follows:

  • River City TV (Comcast TV-10) – Multimedia Design Manager Mark Aron (top)
  • 1250 AM WDVA – Mr. George Hairston, General Manager (bottom)
  • Piedmont Broadcasting Stations (1330 AM - WBTM / 102.5 FM WBTM and 103.3 FM WAKG) – PSA Director Phil Watlington (No Photo Available)
River City TV (Comcast TV-10)
Multimedia Design Manager Mark Aron
1250 AM WDVA
Mr. George Hairston, General Manager

Saved by the Belt

Mr. Goodman with Danville Police Chief Phil Broadfoot

Goodman's vehicle

At-fault vehicle

The solo seat belt recognition award was presented to a Danville citizen, Mr. George C. Goodman, who was involved in a major traffic crash with extensive damage to both vehicles.

Mr. Goodman was traveling southbound on the Danville Expressway when a northbound vehicle crossed the divided highway, went airborne, rotated several times, and struck Goodman's vehicle head-on. Goodman's vehicle was traveling 65mph when it was struck. His vehicle continued southbound for a short distance before being redirected from the impact to a northbound direction while remaining in the southbound lanes of travel. The after-impact force of separation caused Goodman's vehicle to come to final rest along the southbound edge of roadway while the offending vehicle continued airborne impacting with an adjacent bridge structure. The offending vehicle rotated several times while airborne and came to final rest in an overturned position under the bridge.

Mr. Goodman was properly restrained with his vehicle’s safety belt and both of his air bags deployed as a result of the impact. He is quite certain that the use of the seat belt and the deployment of his vehicles airbags restricted his movement during the crash and most likely kept his injuries to a minimum. Mr. Goodman was checked out at a local hospital and reported minor soreness and
general stiffness for a period after the crash. No long term injuries were sustained. The at-fault driver was charged and convicted of DUI.

The award was a DPD in-house recognition and this same individual has been nominated for a DMV Saved By the Belt Award hopefully to be awarded later this year.