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May 22, 2014
Virginia DMV Launches Instagram Account; Encourages Virginians to Snap "Safety Selfies"

RICHMOND – Virginians are encouraged to get out their cell phone cameras, snap a self-portrait of themselves buckled up while parked and share it on social media sites using the hashtag #SafetySelfieVA. Virginia DMV will search for and post these buckled-up selfies daily on its new Instagram page.

“The Safety Selfie is another way for us to convince the small percentage of people who aren't buckling their seat belts that it's the right thing to do," said DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb, the Governor’s Highway Safety representative. “In addition, launching a new social media outlet, Instagram, will help us continue to spread the word about safe driving, and about Virginia DMV’s products and services.”

The Safety Selfie process is easy and takes just a moment to complete. With your vehicle in a safe and legal parked position, activate your cell phone camera and take a picture showing your seat belt buckled securely. Then, share the photo with your friends, family and co-workers via your account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag, "#SafetySelfieVA." DMV’s Virginia Highway Safety Office encourages you to add comments about why it’s important to wear your seat belt on every trip. Be sure to look for your Safety Selfie on Virginia DMV’s new Instagram page

“The Safety Selfie is a fun way to get everyone involved in safe driving issues,” said Highway Safety Office Director John Saunders. “The bottom line is we’re trying to save lives by reminding motorists that buckling up should be second nature.”

VIRGINIA LEOs: We love seeing your "Safety Selfies"... how about taking it one step further and participating in the VACP's Officer Belt Use Poster Campaign?

For the past three years, 54 percent of all crash fatalities in motor vehicles were unrestrained, meaning the occupants were not wearing seat belts or restrained in child safety seats. “More than half of the deaths which occur on our roadways may be prevented. The first action you should take after putting on your own seat belt is to make sure everyone in the vehicle is also properly buckled up.” Saunders said. According to preliminary 2013 crash data, lack of restraint use continues to be one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities in Virginia.

To try to prevent needless roadway deaths, the Virginia Highway Safety Office encourages motorists to always buckle up. “And while you’re at it, post a buckled-up selfie and spread the word to all your friends,” Saunders added.


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