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2019 Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge

11:59PM on SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 2019

** NOTE: IACP IS NOT HOLDING A NATIONAL CHALLENGE IN 2019. There will only be a Virginia competition.**

2019 Application (for 2018 Activities)


BEFORE starting
your application...


Seriously... nearly everything you need to know about how to enter the Challenge is in this guide.

You can also review Model Entries from last year's winning agencies.


Download the fillable APPLICATION FORM in your preferred format:

Answer each question to the best of your ability. It's okay if an answer is "NO"... just explain why in the ATTACHED NARRATIVES.

A complete application includes BOTH the FORM & the REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS!!! (See below.)


Applications should be submitted electronically directly to the VACP via EMAIL. Please email a copy of your submission to VLEC@VACHIEFS.ORG by 11:59 PM on SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 2019.

You will receive an email reply if your application is successfully received. This is not an AUTO reply... the email receipt will be manually sent from the Virginia Coordinator after they have verified everything was received properly and completely. As such, there may be a delay in receiving a confirmation email.


  1. Agencies should have TWO attachments for EACH section in a PDF, Word, or PowerPoint format PLUS the APPLICATION FORM.
    • Application form
    • Occupant Protection section of the application
    • Occupant Protection-related policies (enforcement and officer belt use)
    • Impaired Driving section of the application
    • Impaired Driving enforcement policy
    • Speeding section of the application
    • Speeding enforcement policy
    • Local Issue section of the application
    • Any policies/orders pertaining to the specified “Local Issue”
    • OPTIONAL: Special Award(s) section(s) — if different from OP, DUI, speed or designated local issue
  2. Agencies should make sure the attachments contain the qualifying and quantifying information needed to answer the questions in the subsections as specified in the How-To Guide (Problem Identification, Policy, Planning, Training, Public Information & Education, Enforcement, and Outcomes).
  3. Attachments should be properly named as per the How-To Guide. Files that are incorrectly named may not be available for judges to evaluate.
    • AgencyName_AppForm.pdf
    • AgencyName_OccupantProtection.pdf
    • AgencyName_OccupantProtectionPolicy.pdf
    • AgencyName_ImpairedDriving.pdf
    • AgencyName_ImpairedDrivingPolicy.pdf
    • AgencyName_Speed.pdf
    • AgencyName_SpeedPolicy.pdf
    • AgencyName_LocalIssue.pdf
    • AgencyName_LocalIssuePolicy.pdf
    • OPTIONAL: AgencyName_SpecialAward-Name.pdf
  4. Each attachment is limited to 10 pages and a file size of 10MB.

There will be multiple divisions within the Municipal and Sheriff categories based on agency size. The number of agency categories will be determined from the spread of agency sizes submitted for those three categories AFTER the application process closes.

Agency Categories Special Award Consideration

Municipal Police (Town, City, County Police)

Bike/Pedestrian Safety
Sheriff's Offices Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety
College/University Distracted Driving
Military Police Impaired Driving
Regional Enforcement Efforts Motorcycle Safety
Special Law Enforcement (Airports, DMV, ABC, etc.) Occupant Protection
Private Police (Aquia Harbor, Wintergreen, etc.) Speed Awareness
  Traffic Incident Management
  Underage Alcohol Awareness


Step-by-Step Guide to the 2019 LEC Application (PDF)

9 Tips to Jumpstart Your LEC Application (PDF)

Model Applications from 2018 – Coming soon.

Model Applications from 2017 – These are excellent examples of how best to organize your application information for the judges. Each of these was a winning entry in the 2017 Virginia Challenge. **PLEASE NOTE: Category divisions are subject to change from year to year based on the entries received that year.**

Model Applications from 2016 – These are excellent examples of how best to organize your application information for the judges. Each of these was a winning entry in the 2016 Virginia and/or National Challenges.

Model Policies

LEC Marketing Flyer (PDF)

Related Awards Programs – Saved By the Belt & Bag Awards, Looking Beyond the License Plate, Vehicle Theft Awards of Merit, J. Stannard Baker Awards

Law Enforcement Challenge Webinars

RECORDED 2015 WEBINAR #3: Improving Traffic Safety Programs through the LEC (Recorded 4/09/15.)

NOTES from 2015 WEBINAR #2: IACP National Law Enforcement Challenge (PDF)

RECORDED 2015 WEBINAR #1: NLEC Quick-Start Guide (Recorded 1/20/15.)

Frequently Asked Questions


There have been several questions pertaining to the number of officers question on the application. The "Total Number of Sworn Personnel" question is asking for the number of ALL FULL-TIME sworn officers/deputies in your agency, regardless of their assignment (patrol, investigations, court, etc.). You DO NOT count part-time personnel. The total number of full-time, sworn personnel in your agency determines which category your agency competes in in the Challenge. For Sheriff's Offices... count only your full law enforcement deputies, not your jail/court deputies.

The "Total Number of Patrol Officers" is asking for the number of full-time, sworn officers/deputies your agency has that work patrol. This information is used by the judges to evaluate your department's enforcement activities (number of special enforcement activities conducted, number of citations/warnings issued, etc.). In most cases, the number of patrol officers is less than the total number of sworn personnel, except in the case of small department's where every officer – including the chief! – runs radar and writes tickets.

2) Will there be a DEADLINE EXTENSION?

NOT LIKELY. If you are finding that you will have a problem meeting the deadline, please contact the Virginia Challenge coordinator (see below) BEFORE abandoning your entry all together.


Additional Questions?
If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please feel free to contact one of the following people:

Erin Schrad, VACP Communications Manager & VA Law Enforcement Challenge Coordinator
Office Phone: (804) 285-8227; Mobile Phone: (804) 512-5162; E-mail:







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